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Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vaginal tissues that can result in discharge, itching, redness, pain, and odor.

It can be a chronic problem and a source of embarrassment and distress to women affected by it. Vaginitis can be caused by an overgrowth of or new exposure to certain types of fungus (yeast), bacteria or changes in estrogen levels. It is essential that women with chronic vaginitis have a proper lab evaluation of vaginal discharge, undergo treatment aimed at the specific cause of symptoms, and follow up – so that they can be confident that the vaginitis will not return.


February 3, 2017: Insurance now participating with traditional medicare plans.

At each visit, patients are provided a “medical receipt”  that they can use to submit to individual insurance plans that offer “out of network “ or “health savings plan” reimbursement options.

January 31, 2017: The National Vulvodynia Association

Dr. Kellogg was named to the Executive Board of The National Vulvodynia Association.

September 13, 2016: Effective October 1, 2016 Center for Pelvic Medicine will no longer be accepting insurance for payment

2017 We do participate with traditional medicare plans.