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Dr. Kellogg Approves Female Libido Pill Flibanserin CBS News

Dr. Kellogg CBS News Approves Flibanserin  first FDA Libido drug Approved for Women.


Get “the little pink pill” Flibanserin used For Women with low desire low sex drive from Center for Pelvic Medicine in Rosemont PA

The pill is to boost women’s sexual desire. The “little pink pill” is one step closer to going on the market. After saying no twice, an FDA panel finally recommended the first medication for female sexual dysfunction. Unlike  drugs for men, like Viagra, which improve blood flow, Flibanserin is an anti-depressant that works on the pleasure center of the brain.

The pill, however, comes with side effects, which include insomnia, nausea and dizziness. As always, women will need to decide whether the risks versus the benefits compared to other treatment alternatives are worth it for them.

The panel of Food and Drug Administration advisers voted 18-6 in favor of Sprout Pharmaceutical’s daily pill, flibanserin, on the condition that the company develops a plan to manage its risks.



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February 3, 2017: Insurance now participating with traditional medicare plans.

At each visit, patients are provided a “medical receipt”  that they can use to submit to individual insurance plans that offer “out of network “ or “health savings plan” reimbursement options.

January 31, 2017: The National Vulvodynia Association

Dr. Kellogg was named to the Executive Board of The National Vulvodynia Association.

September 13, 2016: Effective October 1, 2016 Center for Pelvic Medicine will no longer be accepting insurance for payment

2017 We do participate with traditional medicare plans.